About us

About Us

Ladies in the Family Foundation

Ladies in the Family Foundation (LIFF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on building a strong support network to strengthen the core relationships that women have.

LIFF believes that women can support each other while leveraging resources from other groups that support women in our community. We are a premier women organization whose key focus is to improve our social consciousness, bridge cultural disparities and address issues that are pertinent to the development of healthy relationships with and for women. We want to listen and understand one another regardless of our diverse viewpoints on issues that are common to women.

As a society, we hope to demonstrate social intelligence as we have open discussions on sensitive issues that impact our emotional wellbeing as a result of our upbringing, individual experiences, and the environments we find ourselves.

As Ladies in the Family, we intend to use our hearts and hands to provide emotional support to women by having discussions on “hush-hush” issues in a fun and non-judgmental environment.

Bukola Ojemakinde

Bukola Ojemakinde

Founder's Short Biography

Bukola Ojemakinde, founder of Ladies in the Family Foundation (LIFF), is very passionate about women’s emotional health. She applies psychological and faith-based tools to enhance a woman’s ability to develop key relationships that thrive.


The Beginning

Ladies in the Family foundation started as a premier organization for women from different walks of life. LIFF’s goal is not only to connect socially, but also to help us understand and manage the fundamental contributors to the health and quality of our emotional well-being for enhanced productivity at work and at home


The Vision

Bukola’s vision on is to see women leverage their collective understanding of cultural differences, varying backgrounds and the power of sharing personal stories to promote social wellness. The outcome is increased self-esteem, productivity in business, career and personal interactions resulting in an increased sense of belonging.

2017 - Present

The Movement

Bukola and her team will be facilitating and providing platforms for speakers and artists to share the beauty, essence and impact of journeying towards genuine and successful social connectedness among and with women.

Bukola's Personal Info

Bukola is married to David Ojemakinde. She has two children, Danielle and David Ojemakinde. She is an engineer by profession. She loves to read, travel and mingle with people from different parts of the world.

Our Vision

Mobilizing practical, faith, and research-based means to equip women with tools for healing and celebrating relationships.

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